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If you missed last night’s RCARA meeting, you lost out on a great presentation. Rick KK6CTT and his team, Ray N6KZM, Omar W6OXA, Mike AI6PD and Bob KG6NIB went to great lengths to display and explain several different types of Ham Radio “Go Boxes” designed to be operational off the grid and in the field in times of need. Each unit was different and ranged from high-end in cost to simplistic and economical. The combined and individual creativity and functionality was amazing.

Rick gave a phenomenal talk about the necessity of being prepared and knowing what to do by planning ahead and being familiar with limitations. It didn’t end there because he gave hints and tips on how to accomplish what it takes to become better structured and organized. The audience hung on his every word and asked questions so they could enhance their own situation.

The “Show and Tell” session was one of the best! We were talked through the equipment in each box, how it was constructed, the components usage and in some cases, the cost and where they could be purchased. It was interesting to see the similarities yet how they differed from each unit.

Member reactions were extremely positive and “best meeting ever” was heard more than once. Questions were answered with ease and in understandable responses and uncomplicated.

Thank you Rick, Ray, Omar, Mike and Bob for your energies and dedication in keeping RCARA and the ham world informed and knowledgeable. Your collective skills are much appreciated and we look forward to more of the same in the future. Photos will be posted soon.

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Link to photos within the Riverside ECG website:  


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