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2016 Field Day, 25-26 JUN (INFO & request for help)

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Saturday June 25th & Sunday June 26th



Talk-in: 146.880 600 Hz PL 146.2 




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RECG Request for support:


I have taken on the task of supporting the RCARA Get On The Air or GOTA station during this event.  The station should be in operation during park hours from 0800-1700 on both SAT and SUN, 25-26 JUN.  I will setup my EMCOMM box for the event on FRI after work and plan to leave it in place until the close of the event on SUN.  The base function of the GOTA is to pique the interest of visitors and actually provide them an opportunity to get on the air and make a contact with a distant station.  My station will provide VHF/UHF communication but there will be others who may bring gear out that they want to use or "test" under the confines of "alternate power" but my rig will provide the base of the GOTA with the peripherals as add on or "icing on the cake."  For any Amateur Radio Operator out there this is a great event to come out and visit for a big taste of what goes on at these events.


Support Requirements:

  • Currently Licensed FCC operator (Tech or better to operate w/in the guidelines of their license) willing t
  • Able to provide 2-4 hours of time as a "station controller" that will handle non-licensed personnel during their hands-on contact attempt.
  • This will be shift work and depending on how many volunteers we get it can be one to two people per shift with opportunities to eat, meet and be merry with the rest of the RCARA crew (very friendly and amicable group).
  • Shifts will be scheduled around a 10 hour day meaning the site should be up and running from 0730-1730.
  • Equipment will be furnished but bringing your own equipment for field testing is encouraged.

More information will follow based on the on going planning that is being conducted.


Contact Rick Schirmer, KK6CTT, here or at:  rngr86@juno.com or 951-369-5043.


Thank you for you consideration!  Please come out and visit us at Field Day 2016 even if you do not volunteer!

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Here is my planned involvement with the club Field Day event this year.  It will be my plan to bring out a 2M/440/HF rig (Icom IC-7000) and connect it to a Chameleon Antenna system. Not sure, how I will configure the antenna, but that is what Field Day is all about; experimentation.  For the potluck, I will be bringing the same gas stove setup and charcoal BBQ setups I used during the GIT-P.  I plan to BBQ the same meat dish I brought on GIT-P.


I am also volunteering to provide site security for the club during the entire weekend.  My lodging arrangements will be a Teardrop trailer, which I plan to rent from “Off Grid Rentals” http://www.rentoffthegrid.com/off-road-trailer-rental-calender/ Since I am shopping for a Teardrop trailer, this will be a great opportunity for me to see if this is something I can add to inventory.

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