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A weekly RCARA & Riverside County RACES Net is held to foster emergency preparedness every Monday evening at 7:00 PM on the W6TJ club repeater (146.88 MHz, -600 KHz  offset with a PL of 146.2 Hz).  This 2M Monday Net provides bulletins of upcoming club activities and events. It is also possible to check into the Net via the W6CDF Box Springs 224.460 MHz Repeater ( - offset with a PL of 110.9 Hz) which is linked to our 2M repeater.  Our club newsletter, the MONITOR is published monthly 10 days prior to each meeting.  It is available on this website or mailed to those members who don't have Internet access.




RCARA Newsletter July 2016




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The fourth Monday of the month is done simplex on the output frequency of the repeater at 146.880 (no PL, no offset) which is also the backup communication plan should the repeater fail to operate.

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