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    LOGISTICS Ray N6KZM: (01/06/2018) Radio - Icom IC7000 https://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/hamhf/0700.html Laptop Chameleon vertical antenna chameleonantenna.com/PORTABLE_ANTENNAS/CHA_MPAS/CHA_MPAS.html 100 AH battery 50 Watt solar panel Radio #2 - Jeep Go Box (Dual band, Quad Band, CB) EZ Up Camping Cube https://www.ezup.com/camping-cube-angle-leg-5-4.html Two folding tables 10 gallons of water Camp Chef two burner stove https://www.campchef.com/camp-stoves/camp-chef-tailgater-combo.html Cooking pans & dining fixtures for four people. Two Dutch Ovens Dutch Oven Cooking Table https://www.campchef.com/accessories/portable-tables/camp-table-with-legs-38.html Extensive First Aid Kit (minus clotting powder).
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    I agree with Don, that is always my biggest problem, "glare"... This a better idea then the normal ez-up with walls. PS. I just got my dual batteries setup yesterday, putting it together now.
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    I went through my camping gear and discovered my gear was good to go. The only controversy was that my tent was falling apart. Of course I began looking at trailers, but realized those damn things are expensive. I looked at just getting a hammock and sleeping under the open sky or build a tarp tent to protect me from rain. Then I looked at various tents. While analyzing the different brands and styles, I happened across the E-Z Up Camping Cube. After reading reviews and watching the setup video, I made the purchase:
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    Great place to get a walk in at 3.45 miles, it was more scenic that anticipated, a little over crowded on the weekend, but well worth the time to visit.
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    When I gave the Antenna 101 presentation at Country Village Radio Club, I talked about the Rat Tail: Antenna Samples.pdf
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    Winter Field Day Association (WFDA) is a dedicated group of Amateur Radio Operators who believe that emergency communications in a winter environment is just as important as the preparations and practice that is done each summer but with some additional unique operational concerns. We believe as do those entities of ARRL Organizations like ARES & RACES that maintaining your operational skills should not be limited to fair weather scenarios. The addition of Winter Field Day will enhance those already important skills of those that who generously volunteer their time and equipment to these organizations. This is why WFD is open to all licensed amateur radio operators worldwide. Disasters are unpredictable by nature and can strike when you least expect them. WFDA's goal is to help enhance your skills and ready you for all environmental conditions found in the US and Canada during the spring, summer, fall and winter Preparedness is the key to a professional and timely response during any event and this is what local and state authorities are expecting when they reach out to the emergency service groups that offer their services. If you are serious about emergency communications as we are; we welcome you to join us for our yearly event. We are sure you will find this event a pleasant change and challenge to that of a normal summer time field day. Details can read at https://www.winterfieldday.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/winterfieldday/
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    With the Riverside ECG & RCARA participating in 2018 Winter Field Day, I have received a bunch of queries regarding, "What happens during field day." Here's a great video to illustrate what working a DX contest or Field Day is like:
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    Yes. I had thought to bring an ez-up and a bunch of tarps to drape around to do something similar.
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    This might be a good option to reduce/eliminate glare issues I've experienced on previous expeditions with my laptop connected to my radio...
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    Rialto training Jan 2018 Technician class (entry level) study session at 6:30 p.m. Friday January 5, Monday January 8, Wednesday January 10 & Friday January 12, with a test session at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 13. All sessions are at Rialto Fire Station 202, 1700 N Riverside Ave (just north of Walnut). If you are already a Technician class operator, there is a General class upgrade study session at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, January 4, Tuesday January 9 & Thursday January 11, same place. There is no requirement for Morse code for any class amateur radio license. Study sessions are free, although the Feds insist on a $15 test fee. Sessions are based on the Gordon West textbook series, available on line. Whether or not you're licensed, you're welcome to attend a Rialto Amateur Radio Club meeting at 10 a.m. Saturday, January 13.
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    On a different note.. So, im thinking of taking my radio and laptop to work PSK31 on 20 and 40 for WFD. We can use Don's gear for Phone on SSB. Just look at N1MM and it does have the WFD log format. I have it on my PC and will log in the PSK contacts. We could install N1MM on the dedicated PC for logging the voice contacts, makes loging in better then using a spreadsheet.
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    I'd like to spend the night and bring my 5th Wheel. I'd like to bring my FT-897D for HF and Digi. It works well. I can bring my FT-950 if we need It. I've got a couple of Dipoles and a G5RV...
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    On the official "Winter Field Day" Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2177477038932979&set=gm.2078204075742247&type=3&ifg=1 , "Lee N Maine" posted the information of his club participation in the event: Omar W6OXA posted a response and I agree with him: The question that popped in my head was, "What callsign are we going to use?" This brings me back to my previous attempt to obtain a group callsign. David HZP has an available group callsign that he and his past group is willing to transfer to us (Emergency Communications Group). The callsign is "W3SKY." This is an iteration of the movie genre "Terminator," referring to "SkyNet." As most of you will realize that obtaining a vanity club/group is an arduous process. Transferring W3SKY to ECG would just entail the submission of a form and paying a transfer fee. 2017ClubApplication.pdf Thoughts?
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    It was a 1 person meet and greet at the park this morning. Thank goodness I'm my own best friend.